Technical info about Hydra

Supported Internet access service schemes

  • PPTP
  • PPPoE
  • LAN (IPoE)
  • VLAN for subscriber
Subscriber authentication
  • RADIUS (FreeRADIUS server)
  • By IP address (IP-MAC-port binding and ethernet-networks)
  • By port (DHCP Option 82)
  • By VLAN ID (Subscriber VLAN)
  • Combined (various authentication methods for different types of subscribers)
IP addresses
  • Static
  • Dynamic (from the pool)
Support of IPv6 in Dual Stack mode (experimental)
  • Representation of IPv6 addresses and prefixes in the standard form (RFC 5952).
  • Automatic and manual IPv6-prefixing of subscriber hardware (customized prefix mask, /64 by default)
  • IPv6-prefixing from the pool (pool is maintained by means of NAS)
  • Support of RADIUS IPv6 attributes (Framed-IPv6-Prefix and Delegated-IPv6-Prefix), their issuance and storage in the billing system along with the conventional Framed-IP-Address for a single session
  • IPv6 traffic accounting along with IPv4 traffic.
  • Automatic accounting and summation of traffic from all the addresses occupied by the subscriber's hardware from framed and delegated prefixes, as well as from IPv4 addresses and sub-networks
Subscriber traffic accounting
  • Netflow
  • RADIUS accounting
  • Cisco Raw Data Records (RDR)
  • sFlow
  • SNMP
  • Non-standard schemes (text format)
Support of intelligent equipment
  • Cisco ISG
  • Cisco SCE
  • Juniper ERX/MX
  • Ericsson (Redback) SmartEdge
Types of tariff plans
  • With traffic included (unlimited number of thresholds on traffic consumed)
  • Unlimited with speed limit
  • With a dynamic speed limit depending on service use
  • Option of separate speed limits for inbound and outbound channels
  • Burstable-tariffing
  • By the higher volume of incoming and outgoing traffic
  • By the ratio of incoming and outgoing traffic

Supported schemes of telephone services

Supported PBX and Softswitch makes
  • МТА М200
  • Avaya Definity
  • Iskratel Si2000
  • Asterisk
  • Huawei SoftX3000
  • Eltex SMG-1016M
  • Eltex МС240
  • Unit TS-004
  • Other (call)
Chargeable services Telephone services:
  • Local
  • Intraareal
  • Long-distance / international
Agency scheme Supported
Settlements with suppliers Supported
Reassessment Supported (for the current period and current prices, as well as retroactively for previous periods and old prices)
  • Detailed for each call
  • Cost and volume by services
  • Cost and volume by directions
  • Cost and volume by providers
  • Other reports (generator)
Types of tariff plans
  • With the included number of minutes for the service
  • With the included number of minutes in a certain direction
  • With unlimited service volume
  • With per-minute billing
  • With various cost of minutes in different time periods
Call billing
  • Per minute
  • Per second
  • The first N seconds free of charge
  • Per second from the first minute
  • Other schemes
Frequency of obtaining CDR
  • Monthly
  • Daily
  • Every hour
  • Immediately after the call
Pre-authorization of calls Supported (through RADIUS or with API function with calculation of the maximum possible talk time)

Support of multidivisionality

  • Option to create a hierarchy of branches
  • Quick switch between firms
  • Flexible adjustment of the rights to work under one or more branches
  • Option to generate both reports for each branch separately, and general reports combining several firms

Option of localization

  • Localization of both personal account of the subscriber and the system itself
  • The system can be easily translated into any language thanks to full support of Unicode
  • Local tax system and currency, as well as multiple currencies simultaneously may be taken into consideration
  • Option of automatic currency conversion

Possibility of integration and interoperability with external systems

Export into accounting software Supported
Notices to subscribers Types of notices:
  • The need to replenish the account balance
  • Billing for services
  • Money are credited to the account
  • Other

Notification methods:
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Automatic dialling
  • Fax
  • Other
Access to API of the billing system Is available in the following scope:
  • Services for individuals and legal entities
  • Subscriber management
  • Management of Subscription Agreements
  • Working with subscriptions to services
  • Hardware management
  • Authentication and authorization procedures
  • Effecting payments
  • Debiting for one-off services
  • Payment reports
  • Reports on the services rendered
  • Reports on settlements with subscribers
  • Other procedures on request
For frequently used procedures, we provide examples of their calls.
Protocols of access to API of the billing system
  • Directly through the Oracle client
Ability to sell third-party products Sale / lease of software (anti-virus software, computer games, etc.) is caried out in the personal account of the subscriber. Money is debited from the personal account in a lump sum or periodically.
  • Eset NOD32
  • Dr. Web
  • Rentsoft
  • Other products (call)
Payment Systems Cash or bank transfer:
  • Accepting payments manually
  • Import of statements from the online banking system (in semi-automatic mode)
Plastic cards (VISA / Mastercard and others)
Payment terminals
Electronic money
Other ways:
  • Through API functions
  • Through the command line
  • Other ways (call)

Features of the personal account of a subscriber

  • Viewing balance and money available on the personal account
  • Changing the tariff plan
  • "Promised payment"
  • Viewing agreement and other documents
  • Viewing bills for services (for legal entities and individuals)
  • Generating receipts for payment for services
  • Viewing details of payments and debiting for services rendered
  • Viewing statement on the Internet traffic
  • Viewing statement on telephony
  • Getting detailed statements of phone calls (CSV format)

Marketing campaigns supported

  • A special tariff plan (cost reduction, increased speed, etc.) is applicable for the first N months after connection
  • Loyalty program "Pay less - earn more" (special rates for regularly paying subscribers)
  • Promo "Bring a Friend" (bonus to a subscriber who has brought a new subscriber)

Requirements to the hardware (by examples)

Example 1. Service - Internet. 30,000 subscribers, 23,000 simultaneous PPP sessions at the peak, authorization and traffic accounting through RADIUS, and daily traffic detailing.

Processor 2 x Intel Xeon Silver 4116
RAM 64 Gb
Disk subsystem RAID 1+0 on 4 x SAS 600 Gb 15K RPM

Example 2. Service - Internet. 20,000 subscribers, 13,000 simultaneous VPN sessions at the peak, authorization through RADIUS, traffic accounting through Netflow, static "gray" IP addresses, 85% of subscribers with unlimited tariff plans, and daily traffic detailing.

Processor 2 x Intel Xeon Silver 4114
RAM 48 Gb
Disk subsystem RAID 1+0 on 4 x SAS 300 Gb 15K RPM

Example 3. Service - Telephony 8 million CDR per month, 20,000 subscribers, and frequency of CDR import - daily.

Processor 2 x Intel Xeon Silver 4110
RAM 32 Gb
Disk subsystem RAID 1+0 on 4 x SAS 300 Gb 10K RPM

Software requirements

Operation system Recommended: Linux (Debian distribution kit, latest stable version)
DBMS Oracle Database 11g or 12c in any of the versions: Standard One, Standard, Enterprise. Here you can purchase a license for this DBMS. Our company is a silver partner of Oracle.
Web interface Ruby 1.9.3-p194
For agent applications Python 2.6
Web server nginx

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