Internet Access: IPoE and PPP

Dozens of Internet providers have implemented Hydra while using wired technologies like Metro Ethernet, GPON, and DOCSIS as well as wireless ones like WiFi, WiMAX, and VSAT. Hydra Provisioning will manage your network, just as the billing core does the traffic rating. Traffic accounting data enters Billing module from the RADIUS server (included in Provisioning) or from NetFlow- and SNMP-collectors as well as from text files or can be loaded via API.

Price Plans

Hydra supports multiple price plan types out of the box:

  • unlimited with permanent bandwidth throttling;
  • unlimited with variable bandwidth throttling, depending on the usage;
  • with traffic quotas and paid extra traffic;
  • with different bandwidth limits and different traffic quotas, depending on time intervals (day/night, weekdays/weekends, etc.); and
  • burstable rating.

Marketing Programs

Built-in loyalty programs allow you to automatically offer special price plans to the customers who pay for the services regularly and on time. Ready-made discount programs include promotional prices for new customers, discounts with several months of advance payments, and bundle discounts for triple play services. We offer enough to make marketing experts happy.

Equipment Lease and Contract Price Plans

If the technology used for providing services requires expensive CPE (a WiMAX modem, an ONT modem for GPON, a set-top box for IPTV, or a WiFi router for Metro Ethernet), then Hydra has solutions to lower the initial investment. Offer your customers an option for CPE contract payment in installments. In this case, the subscription fee includes a small payment for subsidized equipment, and the customer is obliged to use services for an extended period, usually 12-24 months. This prevents churn and makes your revenue stream more predictable. In case of late payment, Hydra automatically charges fees (one-off and percentage parts), and just like at early termination, Hydra charges an unpaid subsidy remainder fee.

Integration and Technical Information

Hydra is compatible with equipment from Cisco, Juniper, Ericsson, MicroTik, and other vendors. It supports access technologies like PPP and IPoE. For automated registration of MAC addresses and CPE connection to switch ports in IPoE networks, we have created a special portal.

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