Money: Personal Accounts

A personal account in Hydra is a purse that is used in all customer money transactions. Billing tops up the account by payments and debits the account for provided services.

Hydra Means Online Billing

The customer account balance is updated in real time as soon as the system obtains information about a transaction. It allows:

  • knowing at any time which services are provided to the customer and which aren’t,
  • being aware of exactly when to issue a command to Provisioning to switch on/off prepaid or postpaid services, and
  • authorizing requests for services such as phone calls, VoD, or “turbo button” (bandwidth on demand, or BoD) in real time.

Hydra Means Convergent Billing

Usually Hydra charges a customer for all provided services from a single account. However, a customer can also have several accounts to pay for different services separately. For example, if a customer pays for Internet access and television, simply separate these services in Billing module into two different accounts. Then, a late payment for Internet access will not influence TV services.

Hydra Supports Any Currencies

In Hydra, the same customer can have several accounts in dollars, euros, pesos, CFP francs, or any other currencies. Load exchange rates into Billing module so that it automatically converts the currencies while receiving payments and charging.

Prepaid and Postpaid Services

Hydra supports prepaid and postpaid services. In both cases, all charges are made in real time. Thus, the provider always knows the amount of receivables.

Credit Limits and Promised Payment

Providing services on credit with Hydra is simple. For each customer account, you can specify permanent and temporary credit limits. A permanent credit limit is valid at any time, while a temporary one will be over at a specified moment.

To limit postpaid services, set up the maximum credit amount for a customer account, so that Hydra prevents large debts.

Offer a promised payment service to your customers. When a customer runs out of money, it will be possible to request a reasonable credit limit for a period of a few days via a call center or at the Self-Care Portal. Within this period, the customer must increase his or her balance.

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