Telephony: RADIUS and Offline

Hydra supports both POTS and VoIP; both are rated online and offline.

Price Plans

Telephony services can use the following price plan types:

  • separately priced depending on areas or zones (groups of areas);
  • subscription fee including call minute packages for certain areas or groups of areas;
  • varying prices for different time intervals (weekends and weekdays, day and night); and
  • individual price plans, and formula sale price depending on the purchase price.

Duration rounding for rating can be set in billing as:

  • per minute,
  • per second starting from the Nth second, and
  • first N minutes as per minute, further as per second.

Multiple Suppliers and Carrier Reconciliation

Hydra allows selling services from multiple vendors and reconciling with them. Hydra contains the Mediation Module, which is responsible for receiving, sorting, and initially processing CDRs, such as trunk and other field filtering, prefix replacement, separate processing of CDRs of different types, and so on. Multithreaded offline rating of CDRs decreases the processing time for large files.

Service providers who receive CDRs that are already rated by suppliers are able to load them directly into Billing, skipping the process of rating. At the same time, the prices received from the suppliers can be changed, for example by adding a markup.

Integration and Technical Information

For popular PBX models like Avaya Definity, Iskratel Si2000, and softswitches like Asterisk and Huawei SoftX3000, we have ready-made integration modules. To avoid customer bill shock and collecting receivables at prepaid price plans, the built-in RADIUS server authorizes calls depending on the account balance.

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