To rate the following services: paid Internet traffic, long-distance and international calls, connection fees, and content services (VoD, CDN, and OTT), billing system needs data on the network use by customers. Hydra includes a Mediation module, which prepares raw accounting data for further rating and charging.

Parsing and Processing CDRs and UDRs: Rules for Everything

Various devices and services send usage statistics in various forms. Thanks to the Mediation module, you don’t have to write scripts, you can easily integrate Hydra with your equipment. Mediation is able to parse CDRs and UDRs in different formats according to the rules set in the config files. A set of rules for various CDR types will also differ. This is convenient when you need to separately process transit calls or simultaneously use several PBX. We even have ready-made configurations for popular PBX models.

Due to PBX peculiar properties, you may need extra CDR processing before loading. Mediation allows you to add, trim, or change prefixes in selected CDRs. Moreover, it is possible to filter CDRs with certain prefixes or from certain switches.

Working with External Billing

Some major service providers send already rated CDRs/UDRs. For example, satellite networks, like INMARSAT, sell traffic wholesale to their reseller partners, which subsequently sell it to retail users. Hydra Mediation installed at a reseller processes CDRs (adds markups and so on) and passes them into Billing without internal rating. Thus, resellers are more than happy to offer their own price plans to customers.

Netflow and RADIUS Rating

Internet traffic accounting via Netflow and RADIUS protocols have ready-made solutions in Hydra. Mediation collects accounting data and periodically loads it in batches into Billing.

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