Discounts and Bundles

Discounts are a powerful marketing tool for a service provider. Discounts are set both for individual customers and groups. Such groups are defined by tags, and you can tag customers either manually or automatically. For example, you may set the tag “new” to all newly connected customers.

Discount Builder

Set your discount parameters, including a discount period and the applicable services. Billing allows setting the amount of a discount as a percentage of the base price or as a new fixed price.

Depending on the settings, discounts in Hydra may be valid for a limited period or permanently.

Advance Payment Discounts

Often service providers offer special terms in case of large payments. Hydra supports this too. Specify your minimum payment amount so that customers can get a discount if they make substantial payments.

Required payment amounts can be specified as a certain amount or as a certain period covered by prepayment. For example, a 15% discount is given with a 6-month advance payment.


Triple play service providers used to offer one flagship service of the three—Internet, TV, or (less often) telephony—so they increase ARPU by actively promoting the other two.

Bundle discounts with Hydra are a perfect method for such a promotion. They are given when ordering several services at the same time. For example, if customers already have an Internet access subscription, they get 50% off digital TV service.

Bundle creation is a complex task, but Hydra has simplified it to the two following steps:

  • Specify services included in the bundle. A customer must have subscriptions to all of the services in order to get the discount.
  • Specify discount terms for each of the services. Hydra allows reducing prices only for a part of a bundle, while keeping other services at full price. For example, it can be useful if a bundle offers an Internet access discount when a customer already uses telephony, but the telephony traffic remains at full price.

Bundle offers usually do not have duration limits. However, a bundle discount becomes inactive when a customer terminates subscription to one of the bundled services.

Bundle discounts help the provider avoid confusing customers with a wide choice of possible service combinations. Simply make basic price plans and customize the rules for applying the discounts to your billing. Having a service selection wizard with a built-in discount calculator at you promotional website is handy as well.

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