HARD: Autonomous RADIUS Server

The Hydra Provisioning module includes the RADIUS server for AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) of data services and telephony. The server is based on the open-source FreeRADIUS package.

The main advantage of the Hydra RADIUS server is its full independence from central Billing and Provisioning modules. It has its own database of CPE profiles, which are replicated from Provisioning.

Single Billing for Geographically Distributed Networks

Autonomy from the RADIUS server allows one centralized billing system, while AAA servers are situated as close to customers as possible. It is a good solution for AAA stability, even in areas with unreliable communication far away from billing system.

Profile replication between provisioning and the RADIUS server is asynchronous, so a loss of connection does not affect the quality of customer services. Customers are authenticated and authorized in the regular mode, while accounting data continues to be accumulated. As soon as the connection is on, all collected profile changes are received at the RADIUS server database and the collected accounting is forwarded to Mediation. Normal operation is resumed.

Standby AAA Server

Replication of profiles from Provisioning can be forwarded to several RADIUS servers simultaneously so that, in case of a primary server failure, NAS automatically switches to the secondary one. It is guaranteed that the secondary server has the same profile database as the primary one. The secondary server is, in fact, a hot standby backup, which continues serving customers in any situation.

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