Street Addresses

A well-thought-out addresses storage is a must for a modern billing system for wired and fixed wireless CSPs. Manual input of addresses results in redundant doubling, chaos in the data and impossibility of building penetration reports and reports with breakdown to regions.

Hydra has addresses organized just right. They’re kept in a hierarchical regions registry that allows building reports with any degree of detail.

To add a new street address, choose a region first (most commonly, a building) from the registry. Then add an apartment number and floor. It makes mistakes impossible.

After an address is added, Hydra automatically generates a string with its full details that can be used, for instance, for sending invoices.

Regions registry is loaded from a file when Hydra is implemented, or filled manually, if there are few addresses.

Numbering buildings can be harder. Hydra allows you to add numbers of buildings, blocks and properties. The data on such numeration (e.g., 33 Baker St., Blvd. 3) are stored in a standard manner. A full name is generated uniformly under common rules. Addresses in the billing and documents look nice and clean.

Extra hierarchy of addresses is Hydra’s special feature. Hydra allows registering not only regular street addresses, but also municipal ones (e.g., districts, blocs). The municipal hierarchy is incorporated into the street one, so each house can have two addresses.

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