“We do not leave our customers alone after their purchase with a system they have no idea how to use, but rather assist them in getting it going.”

Nikita Petrov,
Head of implementation and technical support,

How does its implementation benefit you?

  • You save time for your staff. They continue to make you money doing your everyday business.
  • You protect your investment. You don’t run the risk of programs being left uncompleted due to your staff being overloaded with routine work.
  • You accelerate your return on investment. The faster you replace your old billing system with Hydra, the sooner it will start making you money.
  • Our engineers have implemented Hydra in dozens of companies. No one can do this better than they do.
"Hydra billing has been in operation since 2011, providing our customers with Internet access and telephony services. Experience has shown that investment in Hydra pays off quickly as a reliable money-making tool. In addition, Latera's technical support team is friendly and interested in helping the customer solve both simple and substandard tasks."

Alexey Pavlov,

How does our service benefit you more?

  • We use special tools for rapid system integration and data processing. It is difficult to learn how to operate them, and they will be of no use to your employees in their daily work.
  • We feature many ready-made configurations. We re-use them, thus accelerating implementation and reducing the risk of errors.
  • We have well-honed the technology of Hydra’s implementation. It prevents any mistakes that might have otherwise occurred while setting up and running the system.
  • We have more experience in the implementation of Hydra. We've done it dozens of times and nothing can confuse us.
  • We have access to our customers’ experiences. They are willing to share them with us.
  • We maintain an unbiased view of your business. It helps us to better understand and solve your problems.

Data migration

  • You don’t have to write scripts or programs. Our team does this so you don’t have to. We use special sets of tools and benefit from the experience of having made dozens of migrations.
  • Our migration adapts flexibly according to your needs. We transfer data with as much detail as you require.
  • Brush up your data! Migration is an excellent opportunity to learn a lot about how current and correct the customer and service data stored in the old billing are.

Mode of Operation

  • Prior to implementation, we carry out a free remote analysis, a rapid analysis of your business’ technical aspects.
  • If necessary, we can conduct a paid in situ survey, following which you'll be provided with a detailed report.
  • We make a clear plan for phased implementation, where part of the work will be done by us and the other part by your employees.
  • Implementation is carried out in a convenient project management system, where you can track time and current tasks and interact with our experts.
  • Each project’s implementation is supervised by your own engineer, who is responsible for its results, time period, and cost.
  • Before putting Hydra into operation, we create a testing checklist. When the tests return error-free, they ensure a successful launch.

Consultations during implementation

During implementation, we advise you on the following:

  • Your job in Hydra’s implementation: setting rates, user system rights, and hands-on equipment.
  • Offering advice on setting up the system, depending on the expected workload and the characteristics of your business processes.
  • Verifying data entered into the system, i.e. contracts, range, prices, and equipment settings.
  • We even address issues which could not have been foreseen when the implementation plan was agreed upon. We try to solve most issues through consultations. The cost and terms of addressing complex issues are discussed separately.


  • We offer remote learning or on-site training provided by our experts. Training is usually provided at the end of the implementation process or after the launch to solidify skills and reinforce Hydra’s mode of operation.
  • Training is a two-day course, custom made by taking into account the features of Hydra you use.

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