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    & Self-Care
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  • Money-Making
    Built-in revenue generating Hydra features: Paid Plan Options, Bundled Plans, Contract Plans, Promotions, Group and Personal Discounts, Online and Recurring Account Top-Up.
  • Advanced Provisioning &
    Hydra’s Provisioning module contains an autonomous RADIUS server and loads accounting data from Netflow, RADIUS, and SNMP as well as from raw CDR and UDR files. Provisioning integrates with BRAS, CAS for digital TV, IPTV middleware, and partner OTT platforms. For VoIP services it does real time call pre-authorization.
  • Customizable
    Self-Care Portal
    The subscriber’s Self-Care Portal, created by UX engineers and tested in the field, takes care about virtually all customer’s needs: service management, PDF invoice download, detailed usage reports, and online payment via VISA/MasterCard and PayPal.
  • Order and Business
    Process Management
    Automate business processes such as new customer connection, non-payment suspension, CPE replacement or repair, contract termination, and constantly improve them using Kaizen and Six Sigma methodologies using open source Hydra OMS tool.
  • Field Service
    Schedule your field workers, know where they are on the map and what work orders are they executing right now, with a simple smartphone app. Improve quality of your business processes by engaging flexible checklists and requiring from your employees to take photos of the job results.

Achievements with Hydra

  • 7,3 minutesAverage reaction time
    to critical incidents
    by technical support
  • 96%Percentage of customers
    who are satisfied with the
    quality of our technical support
  • 42%Percent profit increase
    of our customers
    in 2015
  • 22 090 688Number of settlement periods processed
  • $194,376,757Revenue achieved by our clients

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First-hand experience of Hydra

  • Andrey Ermishin,
    When we introduced Hydra, we changed our charging scheme which allowed us to increase company revenue and raise ARPU. Hydra paid for itself within three months.

Save on
and billing
system support

Despite great difference in time zones, Latera’s technical support is great for providing prompt responses and in the event of critical queries – instantly. We hope that the same high level of services continues in the future.

The high quality and efficiency of Hydra’s technical support is a very important competitive edge for us. We receive an immediate response when we call for help on urgent matters that must be addressed right away.
Andrey Ivanov, Solntse Telecom

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Current Hydra version —
4.1.3 as of 11 August 2017

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