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Reviews of "Hydra"

"I think you have to take professional billing from the very start, as it allows you to control the business parameters. Good billing will always help you earn more."

Alexey Gorbenko
Chief Executive Officer
Aido Telecom, Togliatti

"Hydra billing has been used in Volgatranstelecom CJSC since 2010 as the main billing system. Over the operation period, Hydra has established itself as a reliable and stable working solution, fully satisfying our existing requirements for information systems, providing sales and support of telecommunications services. Separately I'd like to note the high quality of work and efficiency of the technical support of Latera Software." We look forward to further fruitful cooperation."

O.N. Emelyanov
Deputy CEO,
TTK Volga

"Thanks to Hydra I get important statistics on subscribers in literally 5 minutes, which allows me to plan my marketing strategy and determine project financing."

Ruslan Korchak
Deputy CEO
Aido Telecom, Togliatti

"When we implemented Hydra, we have changed the scheme of charging subscribers, which allowed us to increase the company's revenue and raise ARPU. Hydra's cost paid off in three months. "

Andrey Ermichin
Head of Network Management Department
Etherway, Cheboksary

"The result of Hydra billing implementation instead of LANBilling exceeded our expectations. Hydra is counting money correctly and runs stably and reliably.
At the same time, there is technical support that, firstly, exists, secondly, does want to help the customer, and thirdly, is effective.
We are fully satisfied with our new billing and are ready to recommend Hydra to other telecommunication companies. To date, this is the best existing product in the market."

M.A. Leonov
Deputy CEO

S.Yu. Tsarev
Chief Technology Officer,
Global Telecom Development

"When we started using Hydra, we enhanced our experience of modern equipment, were able to create flexible rates, and improve the quality of services provided to subscribers. We liked the way Latera's experts have prepared solution for us and implemented it in the shortest possible time."

Nikita Naumkin
Chief Technical Officer
Intellekt NET, Moscow

"Our company has been using Hydra billing since 2011. Experience shows that it is a reliable tool for charging various combinations of services. The system can easily be adapted to individual settlements with unique subscribers. Investment spent on the implementation fully correspond to capabilities and reliability of the system. In addition, Latera's technical support team is friendly and interested to help the customer in solving both simple and non-standard tasks."

А.А. Benedesyuk
Chief Executive Officer,

"Communicating with experts from other companies, I was surprised that we did not encounter the most problems with billing and avoid numerous crutches, because we use Hydra."

Igor Sezev
Chief Technology Officer
Aido Telecom, Togliatti

"We like Hydra's licensing system — you know how much is spent on support for billing system. When choosing billing we made an analytical model for more than 50 parameters, and it turned out that Hydra's payback period was one of the shortest. "

Anton Kamynin
Chief Technology Officer
Morton Telecom, Moscow

"Hydra has many features allowing us to work efficiently and quickly. I'd like to add that I used to waste much time on reporting on penetration of our services in homes, but now I get the data from a single Hydra report."

Ekaterina Zanina
Head of Customer Department
Aido Telecom, Togliatti

"When selecting a new billing system, the mandatory criteria were the presence of 'floating' billing period, intuitive interface, and high fail-safety. Hydra billing has given us even more options than we expected. The system's flexibility and feature making it possible to develop a module for any request has made Hydra billing an indispensable tool in the fight against competitors.
I'd especially like to mention efficiency, reliability, and professionalism of Hydra billing technical support team. Availability of assistance on urgent matters at any time of day or night impressed our employees.
I would like to express special thanks to Nikita Petrov and Denis Shilin for their expertise, responsiveness, and prompt solution of our problems."

M.A. Parshin
Chief Executive Officer,

"I'm ready to recommend Hydra as an optimal and flexible billing system that allows us to make our "wish list" and "wish lists" of our customers come true."

Alexey Karpov
Deputy CEO (Technical Affairs)
iFlat, Moscw

"Solntse Telecom Group is using Hydra billing to keep record of CTV, data transfer, and telephony services. This billing is virtually completely meeting our needs and has a very adequate price for the product and technical support. The built-in mechanisms for deep managing access rights and audit enhance business transparency and security. Despite the large difference in time zones, Latera's technical support team responds quickly enough, and instantly on critical issues. We hope that they will maintain the same high level of service on. "

I.V. Petrushova

"Previously we had several billing systems. But with the implementation of Hydra we have significantly reduced the loss of employees' time. We like that Hydra's tech support is quickly solving our problems and fulfil our wishes."

Marina Kurolan
Deputy CEO, Finance
iFlat, Moscow

"APS Hydra has been in commercial use for 10 months. During this time we saw that we have bought a reliable quality billing system. We got what we expected, and are fully satisfied with the new billing system. We hope that Hydra will not fail in future as well!"

Yu. A. Ivanov
Chief Executive Officer,

"We like the tech support. Once late on Saturday night we faced a problem and left a request to tech support. Some of our staff did not yet return back to their computers, but the problem has already been solved."

Maxim Bukin
Head of System Administration
iFlat, Moscow

"In 2011, with the help of your experts we have commissioned Hydra billing to replace our own billing in use. Former billing was created especially for our real conditions, had greater reliability and flexibility, but its further development was impossible due to distraction of our experts to deal with other tasks. Implementation was not easy, but it was successfully completed, and now with the help of the Hydra billing we provide the whole range of Triple play for the group of companies, as well as support services.
APS Hydra has allowed us to provide transparency and controllability of almost all types of services, offer competitive models of settlements with subscribers, fully take advantage of BRAS, and combine services of our units in a single billing system.
Separately, I want to express appreciation to the company management and technical support staff, who are ready to help at any time of day and night."

D.E. Smirnov

"Hydra billing system Hydra is used in VNIITR CJSC for billing of telephony services and data transmission. It's a viable system that meets our expectations and has proven itself well over more than a year of being in use.
It is important that the Hydra has useful and competent technical support that instantly comes to the rescue when there is a trouble."

F.A. Karmalito
Chief Executive Officer,

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