• Internet
  • Telephone Service
  • TV
  • Satellite
  • Other applications

Who is Hydra for?

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  • Wired home and office internet providers
  • Wireless (Hotspots, Wi-Fi, WiMAX) providers
  • Wholesalers and leased line providers
  • Satellite providers

Hydra for you

  • Supports any access technology — FTTx, xDSL, Wi-Fi, xPON, VSAT, and more.
  • Support for BRASes, such as Cisco, Ericsson, and Juniper.
  • It can control software traffic shapers and firewalls.
  • It supports multiple authentication methods, such as IP, VLAN, RADIUS, and DHCP Option 82.
  • Traffic statistics collection support from NetFlow, sFlow, RDR, and RADIUS Accounting.
  • Support for IPv6 Dual Stack (RADIUS, DHCP).
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  • Telephone service for homes and offices
  • Satellite telephones
  • Transit IP telephone service

Hydra for you

  • Mediation of call data from popular PBXs and soft-switches.
  • Flexible parsing and preprocessing of CDRs.
  • Charging based on Caller-ID, trunk, call destination, and/or any other field in the CDR.
  • Local, national and international calling.
  • Interconnected billing and reconciliation of supplier invoices.
  • Individual or grouped selling prices are derived via a formula applied to the purchase price.
  • Automatic management and allocation of numbers from available pools.
  • Retroactive re-rating.
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  • Cable TV
  • Digital TV
  • IPTV

Hydra for you

  • Automatic control of the customer’s TV channel package: terminating or adding channels based on account status.
  • Subscribers can change channel packages and choose pricing options in the personal account portal.
  • Creation of disconnection order lists.
  • Fully recorded inventory of customer premises equipment.
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  • Satellite Internet access
  • Satellite telephone service

Hydra for you

  • Separate collection of incoming and outgoing traffic from different routers.
  • Support for traffic classes and prioritization.
  • Traffic shaping.
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  • Cloud services
  • Data centers
  • Businesses with large subscriber bases

Hydra for you

  • Automatic charging for periodic (daily, monthly, etc. periods) and one off services as well as other more complex billing schemes.
  • Automatic payment may be accepted via bank transfer, credit card, or e-money.
  • Automatic management of hardware and software devices, e.g., for provided services.
  • Automatic reinstatement of services in the event of debt clearance.
  • Credit limits may be applied to individual subscribers.
  • Subscribers may be automatically notified via text in the event that services are suspended or reinstated.
  • Automatic calculation of recommended payment and notification via text for subscribers with insufficient funds.
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What Hydra brings to your business

B2B Operators

If you provide services to companies and organisations

  • All you need is one part-time accounts manager to cover over 1,000 corporate clients.
  • Create and store printable contracts, orders, and invoices.
  • Give access to invoices, itemized accounts, and payment facilities in the corporate account portal.
  • Easily export data and documents to specialist accounting software.
  • Manage customers’ connection and disconnection: three types of credit limits time-based, in installments, and permanent.

B2C Operators

If you deal with large numbers of domestic clients

  • Implement marketing solutions that bring in money and retain your customers, both new and old.
  • Lower the entry threshold for your services. Capture the maximum audience you can get.
  • Improve your subscribers’ experience, so they get a functional, clean, attractive self-service portal along with notifications in real-time.
Hydra’s other functions

The full functionality of Hydra is described in detail in the capabilities section.

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